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In 1961, James Alexander went into business providing medical respiratory equipment for cystic fibrosis patients.

  • Late 1950sLate 1950sGeneral Medical

    After completing his electrical engineering degree at age 19, James Alexander joins General Medical in Manitoba

  • 19611961Equi-Med

    James launches the Equi-Med company to manufacture respiratory therapy equipment for cystic fibrosis

  • 19651965Respiratory Therapy

    Develops first portable respiratory therapy machine to provide cystic fibrosis patients with greater mobility and freedom.

  • 1970s1970sEqui-Med expands

    Equi-Med expands into all respiratory equipment, selling to patients and facilities across North America

  • 19851985Sci-O-Tech

    Equitron is sold to Sci-O-Tech, where James was involved in the development of their first home care bed

  • 19881988Midmark

    James launches Midmark, a distributor selling home care equipment to dealers

  • 19901990Modular Bed

    Using the knowledge he has gained about patient outcomes and care, James develops his own modular home care bed under the banner Equitron

  • 19971997KCI

    Began manufacturing larger and wider home care beds for bariatric patients and selling to KCI, an equipment company still operating today

  • 19971997Scott Alexander

    Scott Alexander follows in his father’s footsteps and goes to work for KCI, which later becomes Carroll Healthcare, as a freelance repair tech
  • 20032003Rob Rush

    Rob Rush, a travelling tech at Carroll, meets Scott while on the road

  • 20052005Invacare

    Carroll is sold to Invacare, where Scott has specialized in long-term care equipment
  • 20142014SFI Launches

    Scott launches SFI Medical Equipment Solutions, with Rob as Director of Technical Services, to focus exclusively on sales and service of long-term care equipment

  • 20212021SFI Rebrands

    SFI Medical takes on a fresh brand identity as it expands its offerings to include sales, parts, service, and training programs for facility teams

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What our customers are saying

  • The bed is working wonderfully and my husband finds it so comfortable. I honestly don't know what I would have done without your help and then having Scott and Eric come out and deliver and set up the bed. SFI is an amazing company who cares about helping the everyday person when your main customers are hospitals and nursing homes. Thank you again.
  • H.W., Home Care Customer
    Scott and his team were amazing. Friendly, helpful and totally committed to customer satisfaction. I would give them 10 stars if I could.
    H.W., Home Care Customer
  • Rebecca E.
    Thank you to Scott and Brent at SFI Medical Equipment Solutions for their thoughtful and careful support during our medical bed upgrades at Hospice Huntsville! Can’t say enough about their high quality service. These beds will be a place of comfort and safety for our residents in their final days. #thankyou
    Rebecca E.
    Hospice Huntsville
  • Rhim D.
    Awesome customer service, with a high degree of product knowledge. Very professional and reliable!
    Rhim D.
  • Marc S.
    Great service! Very knowledgeable technicians and they have all the hard-to-find parts!
    Marc S.
  • Yolanda D.
    Very knowledgeable, hardworking and humble technicians!
    Yolanda D.
  • Robert Cunningham
    SFI’s customer service is far and above anyone out there. They take time and effort to talk to the customer to learn what they actually need – they won’t just sell you any bed. This is key because sometimes the customer doesn’t know what they need until they talk to you.
    Robert Cunningham
    Regional Director of Sales, Western Canada at Extendicare
  • Andrea P.
    Quick response to my inquiries, and very professional staff! Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and practiced safe social distancing when setting up equipment.
    Andrea P.
  • J.H.
    You all have been really helpful. Part of if was that you answered the phone between Christmas and New Year’s – you were there and you answered. My friend recommended you for the good prices which was the biggest thing at first, but other things turned out to be really important like needing a bed that was wider and longer, not just the standard size from other companies. My husband uses the bed every day. Thank you.
    residential home care customer
  • Luke
    We had one of our tubs stop giving us consistent hot water flow. Your help diagnosing the problem was really appreciated. Thanks for your awesome service, it’s always nice having a company as reliable and hard-working as you are.
    Maintenance Manager, long-term care facility